Paleo blogs I follow:

A Three-Pound Monkey Brain - Mike Keesey's take on paleo, programming, and more

Aero Evo - Mike Habib looks at all things flightworthy

Chinleana - Bill Parker's take on Triassic paleontology

David Hone's Archosaur Musings - Eponymous blog on all things archosaurian

DinoGoss - Matt Martyniuk loves him some feathered theropods

Pseudoplocephalus - Victoria Arbour looks at armoured dinosaurs Blog - The A-Team of of pterosaur blogging!

SV-POW - The A-Team of sauropod vertebrae (and all things "long neck") 

Tetrapod Zoology - Darren Naish's excellent views on four-limbed vertebrates

The Bite Stuff - Jaime Headden looks at anatomy also

The Forgotten Archosaurs  - Susan Drymala looks at croc-line archosaurs

The Theropod Database - Mickey Mortimer takes a nuts and bolts look at theropod relationships

Theropoda -  Andrea Cau looks at even more theropods (in Italian)