Reign of the Dinosaur Revolution

Copyright the  Discovery Channel

Copyright the Discovery Channel

One of the projects I've worked on the last two years was Dinosaur Revolution - although for most of that time it had the working name "Reign of the Dinosaurs" - which is still how I think of it in my head.  I'm sure I'll get over it.

Two of the episodes aired this last Sunday(September 4th) and the last two air this Sunday (Sep 11th).  (Note! The airing of episodes III  & IV have been postponed, as Discovery felt that the show wasn't appropriate for September 11th.  Thanks to Tom Holtz for point that out!)  I'm sure there will be other showings.  Anatomically-speaking, the dinosaurs will be the best to yet reach the screen (although there will be a few recent discoveries that couldn't get worked in on time).  The artists working to create these dinosaurs were about as good as it gets when you need to combine talent and knowledge of dinosaurs into one package.  The "story" in the episodes is more ambitious, attempting to hook viewers with no narration (although some minimal narration did get added late in production).  How well it works for you is probably a matter of opinion, although I enjoyed it.  Regardless, the show is well worth your time.

The reason I bring this up is over my long association with the project I've developed a new appreciation for how difficult it is to get anything on TV, let along maintain a specific scientific or artistic vision.  That might actually make for a good post or two.  But first I want to open this up for discussion.

So, who saw it, and what did you think?  Some of you commented on Google+ - feel free to cut and paste your response over here if you want (or else come up with something even snazzier to say).  I'll talk more about the experience, and the challenges, in the days to come.